We provide design consultancy


Each concept carefully considers the experience we create for people alongside image, function and the practical considerations of costs, buildability, ease of maintenance and the sustainability of the design.


As designers we explore and communicate our ideas with our clients through sketches, images and diagrams .


We work very closely with the client’s design team-architects, interior designers,landscape architects to develop solutions which add value to the project.

Design development

Design development involves taking conceptual ideas into design details and suggestions for lighting equipment and material finishes. Mock-ups demonstrate the intention and help inform the design process.


Attention to detail throughout the technical design and production process results in comprehensive packages of drawings, specifications and associated documents which are then incorporated into construction documentation.


We support the execution team, including site assistance, and quick responses to coordination with vendors,automation and installation issues.

Facade Lighting

We design impressive facade lighting that makes buildings visible in the urban space and enables orientation.

Interior Lighting

Lighting is as important as every other element of design. Good lighting changes and transforms a space. We use light consciously to make a room feel comfortable but also dramatic.

Landscape Lighting

In urban environments, light promotes public life at night.We bring the needs of people and the environment into harmony at night via lighting and help illuminate facades, paths, trees and more.

Projection Mapping

Art and science come alive to create stellar light and sound shows done via 3D imaging and projection mapping

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.