Location Stir World, New Delhi
Architect M:OFA
Year 2019

Your mind has the ability to bend the future. It is your mental projection overlaid on the existing reality and your past memories. It has the ability to twist and turn that reality, to write a new narrative every moment. What you fear, what you desire, what you fantasize, what you lust after; it all presents itself as moments triggered as markers over your timeline, the path you choose, becomes your future.” If one was to unfold this very idea and conjure it into a life-size walkable-audio-visual-interactive experience, perhaps, “the room of illusions” is exactly what it might look like.


The lighting design for this installation was done keeping this brief in mind. The room was lit with ultraviolet light and ambient sounds; changes into hues of deep blue, red and pink with the triggering of sensors adding to a multi-sensorial dramatic experience. The lighting system was integrated with the tiling system and grid, which governs the space; hence, the junction between the tiles became the points for suspending the primary light source (UV Tubes). The light boxes were lit internally and the objects of desire were lit by spotlights. Since UV tubes have a bluish tinge we used red gels in light boxes and amber gel in spotlights to give a visually and experientially distinctive.