Location Mumbai
Year 2021

‘Star is Born’ is an ode to the stars and universe that holds beautiful sights each night for the inhabitants of earth to see who are unable to witness this spectacle due to the rising pollution (air/light).The installation aims at creating the constellations and stars that exist in time space over the Bombay sky to show people what they miss witnessing each night due to imbalance in the city’s ecosystem.


The installation uses light as an intrinsic element that comes alive at night. It's inspired by the natural sources of light to mankind which are moonlight and stars . They are a symbol of hope and divinity; signifiers of something bigger than us. Light is energy. Artificial light devoids us of connection from the divine natural i.e. star. The impact that we hope the work has on viewers is a sense of criticality and reassessment of how they deal with their immediate environment.